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Top Considerations For Your Spa Website Design

A trip to a top quality spa is, for many people, almost like taking a mini-vacation. They are able to get away, relax, pamper themselves and be treated to luxury that they simply don’t experience on a regular basis. Your spa website design will set the mood for people that are new to your spa and send a clear message about what they can expect when they arrive.

There are many different aspects of a spa website design to consider. You want to carefully choose colors, images and themes to develop a mood or an ambiance that draws people to your spa. Choosing wisely will help you to retain existing customers and bring in new people.

Spa Website Design Basics

A spa is a place of relaxation, a place to unwind and a place to have a wonderful experience. A spa website design that reflects this theme needs to be creative as well as mindful of the overall appearance.

Many spa website design options focus in on relaxation and peace. Calming colors such as the natural earth tones of browns, blues and greens are ideal colors. They do need to be muted and not glaring or bright, but bright touches of color can be used to highlight content and images.

Candles, images of people relaxing and getting a massage, flowers, water and nature are also very popular as they are associated with relaxation and stress relief. It is important to have appropriate amounts of white space on the page so it doesn’t look crowded, busy or hectic, exactly the opposite message than you want to send.

Easy on the Eyes

It is important to carefully choose the font that you use on the page. It is no longer in style to use a variety of fonts, typically there is one font for all the content with bold, italics and underlining used for accent.

Fonts should be easy to read and not jarring or harsh. Avoid the trendy fonts that will date your website in a few months and go with the classics. While cursive styles of fonts seem to be popular with many they are difficult to read and may create a busy look on the page.

Taking some time to look at spa website design options will help you determine what you find appealing and what you want to incorporate on your website. Just remember that the overall appearance should be the image your want your spa to bring to your customer’s mind.

Creating the best spa website design for your business is our specialty. Drop by our website for further information.

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