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Two Way Radio Batteries versus Cell Phone Charger

With all the roles that your cell phone can play: camera, video camera, GPS, alarm clock, calculator, social networking, radio, television, and, well, a phone, it may seem to render all other kinds of communication devices, like two way radios, useless. This is actually quite far from the truth. Compared to a device that is trying to be all things at once, devices that focus solely on communication are more important than ever. Two way radio batteries, range, and efficiency make these communication devices the better option in some situations.

When Time is of the Essence
If there is an emergency, say on a remote construction site, and you need to call for help, which option, cell phone or two way radio, would be better? In an emergency, time is precious. Think about how long it would take to get out your phone, find and call the number, and then wait for someone to hopefully pick up. Compare that to the amount of time it takes to press a button on a two-way radio. Those extra few moments could be the difference between life and death. Although cell phones can be used in the case of an emergency, if you equip your work area with two-way radio communication, distress calls will be heard much faster.

Always Be Within Reach
With a cell phone, you are at the mercy of the cell phone tower. In some geographical locations, your signal may be weak or non-existent. As long as your two way radios are in range of each other, you will always be able to make contact.

Charger vs. Battery
Two way radio batteries can be easily replaced in the middle of the woods or the construction site or wherever you are using them. If your cell phone goes dead, you’ll have to find an outlet to charge it. And sometimes outlets are not readily available.

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