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Why Use Digital Security Camera Systems for Businesses in Elk Grove Village?

As a business owner there are a lot of things to worry about. Inventory disappearing shouldn’t be one of those things. Unfortunately, theft is one of the biggest problems most businesses face. Using digital security camera systems in Elk Grove Village businesses can help prevent inventory loss. Why use digital cameras over analog systems?

Better Resolution and Frame Rates

Analog video systems have limited resolution and frame rates. Lower resolution video is grainy and provides very poor video footage. Low frame rates make the video blurry when there is motion, and limits the frames police or investigators can use for snapshots. Digital video equipment uses much more powerful hardware, allowing much higher resolution, which makes surveillance footage much clearer. Digital video also has on average a thirty frame per second video capture. With thirty frames per second police and investigators can see movement much more clearly, and single frames can be used for still shots of perpetrators.

IP Access

Digital surveillance can be integrated into a computer or other appliance in the place of business, allowing access over the internet. Business owners can access footage from anywhere that offers an internet connection. Even when the owner isn’t at the place of business, they can still see what’s going on. Security camera systems in Elk Grove Village businesses can be used remotely to not only access, but store footage on a remote device. Remote storage will allow access to the footage even if the on-site storage device is stolen or destroyed during the crime.

Wireless Installation

In some businesses there are already lots of wires or cables running through the structure, making wireless video capture the only option. Wireless cameras can be used just like normal cameras, and still provide high quality video capture. Service providers such as those at SMG Security Holdings LLC can install wireless video capture devices and integrate them into a safe and secure wireless network. It’s important to secure the wireless network to prevent unauthorized viewing. Because wireless cameras operate the same way as wired cameras they can still be viewed over the internet as well. Depending on the amount of cable required for installation it might actually be less expensive to use wireless devices.

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