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Do Not Settle for Standard Hotel Phone Systems in Maui

Communication is complicated within a hotel setting. Phones in the rooms connect to the front desk, room service, other rooms, and outside lines. Reception desk communication entails phone systems capable of intercom functions for other hotel staff, reaching every guest room, and taking voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) calls.

Conference room phones have to have speaker phone modes and conference call capabilities. The entire place also needs access to wireless internet connections and cable television. Security systems are also required.

Staying Connected

The variety of components required for Hotel Phone Systems in Maui need an entire team to develop, install, and connect everything. Teams that consist of custom software developers, data base programmers, system integration experts, and experienced installers can custom design unique systems to suit the specific needs of the hotel.

An independently owned and operated hotel may only need a simple system that connects to twenty rooms and includes an outside line. A large chain of hotels, or even a few operated by the same company, will require ways to interconnect with each location in the same city or region. Security is more involved as well. Several floors with surveillance cameras, a parking lot that has to be accessed by special key cards, and emergency security systems will have to be installed and connected to the front desk or security office.

Upgrading Current Systems

Renovations, upgrading technology, and adding a business center to the hotel are all projects that involve upgrading Hotel Phone Systems in Maui. The team can assess the current system and make recommendations for improvements to accommodate new demands. Depending on the age of the system and the how the wiring is configured, new components can be added to what is already present.

If the system is outdated to begin with, all new systems may be required. When planning renovations or additions, it is wise to contact an experienced communications company to be involved in the early planning stages of the project. In most cases, installing new wiring and systems is easier and more cost-effective when done along with renovations instead of after construction. Hotel owners can go to for details on all offered services.

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