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The Most Sought After Features In Business Phone Systems In Hawaii

A phone system is an invaluable tool for companies large and small, and most are equipped with a plethora of features that help to streamline the call taking process. No matter how large or small a company may be, Business Phone Systems in Hawaii will give them a professional appearance and make it easier for both consumers and employees to initiate and manage calls. The following is a look at the most sought-after features that are commonly available in commercial telephone systems.

Auto Attendant Feature

Businesses that receive a large number of phone calls know the struggles associated with answering each one and ensuring they are transferred to the proper department. An auto attendant alleviates this worry by automatically greeting each caller with a prerecorded message and providing them with several options for routing their call. Not only does an auto attendant allow a caller to get to the right department faster, but it eliminates the need for a dedicated receptionist.

Voicemail Forwarding

When an employee’s job forces them to spend most of their time away from their desk, they often become overwhelmed with the task of keeping up with their voicemails. Advanced Business Phone Systems in Hawaii now come with an automatic voicemail forwarding feature that will send a copy of any received messages to a person’s inbox. Voicemail forwarding allows an employee to remain connected and will boost productivity.

Paging and Intercom

In larger facilities, it may be a struggle to track down employees, but a paging and intercom system allows anyone to ring specific extension or page out over a speaker system for company-wide announcements. Most are also designed to let other staff members warm transfer calls and introduce the caller before the transfer is completed. Streamline interoffice communication by choosing a phone system that offers advanced paging and intercom features.

The right phone system will help keep the busiest office more organized. The team at Envision Network Solutions offers a variety of bespoke communication solutions that allow any size company to have a professional phone system that won’t break the bank. Visit to learn more or call today to schedule a free phone system evaluation.

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