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What is wireless networking and how does it work?

Networking is when a minimum of two computers or peripherals are wired so that they interface with each other. Most networks have considerably more than two computers on it. These networks are used in the office, school and home. Rather than run cables from one computer, printer etc to the other, which is time consuming and upsetting to those trying to work, wireless networks are now the preferred method. Not only are wireless networks in York preferred from an installation point of view, they allow for an endless number of changes in the office layout and they are easy to add too.

A wireless network allow computers, printers and file servers to directly communicate with one another, they also allow for all the computers to share a common gateway to the internet. When wireless networks are set up in the home or a home office, a person working during the day with a lap top computer, can connect to a remote printer on the network, eliminating the need for any hard connections. A network also allows anyone in the vicinity of a Wi-Fi hotspot to connect to the internet and if he wishes, to a computer in the office using secure passwords. This potential adds immeasurably to the productivity of businesspeople that spend a great deal of their time out of the office.

Most modern computers are set up and ready to be used on a Wireless network York. The only thing that is required is a wireless adapter card, most of which are built it. A wireless network is almost the same as having wireless access to the internet, but the user is connecting to another computer on the WLAN, wireless local area network. Any computer that can get access to the interment using wireless technology can also gain access to other computers. Older computers can be integrated into the wireless network by installing a wireless card.

There is an inherent danger with a wireless network. If the network is not protected with passwords, anyone in the vicinity can log on, and once on, can do irreparable damage to software and files stored on the network computers or central server. Fortunately, wireless networks can be access protected quite easily, one such method is called a WEP key. Essentially, before anyone can log onto a Wireless network York, they must have a password, the password eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access unless the system is hacked.

Although it meets the definition of “wireless”, Bluetooth is very slow and limited, making Bluetooth an impractical solution for most cases where a true wireless network is needed. Bluetooth is usually confined to handheld computers and cell phones.

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